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Management Consulting

Accounting System is a tool for the management for identifying, compiling, classifying, reporting and interpreting information about the Company’s transactions effectively and efficiently, in order to safeguard the security of the company's property and the implementation of governing policies. We can help you to design and to fabricate your accounting system such as:

- Assessment and arrangement of functions within the organization that can be relied upon in terms of supervision (internal control).

- Preparation of systems and procedures of various functions within the organization of the Company, including: cash sales and receipts system procedure, purchase and spending, inventory, production, salary and wages payments, relationship between subsidiary and parent Company and so on .

- Preparation of general accounting manual.

- Preparation of cost accounting manual.

- Preparation of account classification guidelines and Chart of Accounts.

- Designing forms and its contents: General Ledgers, Sub-Ledger, and the form and content of Financial Statements, Production Reports, and Other Report

Compilation Services

We can provide Financial Statement Compilation service for your needs in preparing your Financial Statements along with notes to financial statements in accordance with the governing Accounting Standards. In doing such service, we can supply your needs

in performing various accounting functions, such as recording (either by manual or by computer) accounting transactions, all the way through the preparation of financial statements.

Accounting Advisory Services

We can help you to navigate through complex accounting matters and to change landscape of financial reporting, in relation to the following areas:
- Accounting standard application and changes
- Accounting advice and support
- Costing
- Training in financial reporting
- Other issues related to accounting, audit and finance


Other services related to Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Tax, Regulation, and other related subjects.

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